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's bipartisan. harry reid the democrat, mitch mcconnell the republican, president obama the democrat, they're all watching this movie. i think to learn how to get something done. that's what the historical part of this is. >> well, it is a great lesson. and steven spielberg's such a brilliant film maker, he put this thing together in a way that takes essentially a parlor drama and makes it riveting and exciting. i loved "argo," by the way. that is a terrific movie. but ben afflec didn't get nominated for best director. and katherine bigelow didn't get nominated for best picture. that's the bigger problem. even tarantino wasn't nominated for "django unchained." these movies did not direct themselves. >> they're very good movies. i agree with you. i see a lot of movies with my wife. they didn't capture it today that's why the "lincoln" movie is so appropriate. i think the academy award voters or whoever they are, they're going to figure that out. everybody can like "lincoln," take something for it. paul, thank you very much, ari, jennifer, you're all great tonight. we'll see you about our ho
with the other leadership. clinton was able to deal with republicans and reagan was able to deal with democrats. president obama has not been able to deal with anybody outside of his own party, and that is what we are continuing to see what all of us. that is the only way you're going to bring these guys in common than we are not seeing that at all. neil: myra, you kind of like the movie, is that right? >> it was the best movie that i saw all year. "lincoln" was a little dark, but it was so good. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> obviously, it was a little slow. we are talking about the best director and actor. tommy lee jones was awesome. excellent writing. neil: so what do you think? >> is a great movie, american history, he's a true american hero. it is the highest pedigree imaginable in hollywood with a great story. it's a very gripping movie. this is a movie that people really pay a lot of money to see. neil: it's hard to believe that daniel day-lewis is british. >> yes, i agree. neil: this is a time and period that sometimes gets over glorified. but it is a time when
so. rush are limbaugh has a half interesting point to make about the haegle point now. >> obama is going to be the first democrat to actually cut the defense budget. i shouldn't say cut dismantle the military. this is more than cutting the budget. he wants to dismantle the military just like western europe did theirs. so get a defense secretary to preside over defense cuts, the result of the cuts is the dismantling of the military in order to pay for a growing welfare state. >> so inside that madness there is an interesting point. if you are going to do a defense cut it is helpful to have a defense secretary who is a war veteran and a combat hero. somebody who is popular with the troops. so he has a credibility with the men and women with the members of the armed forces. there are going to be cuts to the military. we may want to remind rush that it has caused us to have the see quester. >> if you are a republican senator and you want to do the bidding of defense contractors. you don't want to go end him. that he in his own experience in combat and as a senator believes is un-nec
to get your take on it. >> reporter: a new letter now to barack obama, president barack obama from four key democratic senators here urging the president not to negotiate with republicans over raising the nation's debt ceiling, but take a listen to how they express this. they say we believe you must be willing to take any lawful steps to ensure that america does not break its promises and trigger a global economic crisis without congressional approval, if necessary. high ranking democratic senators signing this including harry reid, dick durbin, chuck schumer and patty murray so there the democrats seem to be signaling to the president and shoring up his left flank that they are willing for him to take extraordinary measures to avoid breaking through the debt ceiling, that is, if republicans don't agree to raise the debt ceiling. they would like the president to do almost anything he can, including what -- apparently what they call the constitutional option which is the 14th amendment in which the president would simply say that it's unconstitutional not to honor the nation's debt and s
democrats, even more importantly from democrats once the obama administration took over but they also strongly supported what we were doing and help keep the pressure up and treasury. c-span: former senator jim bunning from kentucky had this to say during the confirmation process. >> the bailout loan unless $50 million for your office. and so, you will have a very ample amount of resources. but i have serious concerns with your nomination. the nominee may be a dedicated public servant. he appears to be a skilled prosecutor and man of integrity, but i wonder why taxpayers should have to pay $50 million to a watchdog who will have nothing to watch. ultimately, i believe mr. barofsky at his impressive legal skills can serve the public far better in the southern district of new york where he can continue to prosecute mortgage fraud. c-span: river senator bunning coming on? >> guest: senator bunning was supposed to t.a.r.p. in the first place. i think he was uncomfortable with creating another new federations see what they $50 million budget. it's an understandable concept. a lot of people
is getting heat from democrats, supposed lack of diversity. today, president obama nominated jack lew to be his next treasury secretary. the third white male in a row selected by the president for position in his cabinet. where are the women? and the minoritys? in the cabinet of our liberal president? here is a congressman charles rangel thinks about that situation. >> it's embarrassing as hell. it could be the harvard people where people just know each other, trust each other and women and minorities don't get a chance to rub elbows. he had four years to work the bench. >> kimberly: "new york times" ran this photo showing the president with a group of all white men advising him in the oval office. the white house quickly snatched it and relesioned this 4info instead that has a much more diverse crowd of advisors. i'm with him on this. where are the women? where are the minoritys? they make every place better, right? >> bob: i'm a minority every day. >> kimberly: do you need a hug? >> eric: we have three smart women. greg got a flu shot. he has the flu. >> dana: but he has had it for
democratic contributors in the state of texas, and there are very few democratic candidates in texas to give money to. all of the office holders at the state-wide level are republicans, but they are major contributors for barack obama, went after rick perry a couple of years ago, ran an ad chiding perry, daring perry to engage his democratic opponent in debate. ran full page ad with a picture of perry on it with the word coward on it. and so have a relatively young guy in these fights is really a feather in the cap of those folks, both democrats in texas and folks nationally. >> jennifer: democrats in texas often seems to be an oxymoron but for those outside of texas who know there are strong democratic supporters who are willing to poke rick perry in the eye gives us comfort. today rick perry actually slammed governor cuomo's proposed assault weapon's ban. what is going on in texas? do texans agree? what are you hearing on the ground. >> the legislature has convened here in austin, and the action and reaction and discussion and talk that i hear in texas, a
control? 288 members, the overwhelming majority of congress. it's enough to intimidate democrats, too. just listen to joe biden in 2008. >> barack obama ain't taking my shotgun, so don't buy that malarkey. >> reporter: but recent polls suggest an opening for some gun control. a majority now favoring a ban on semiautomatic handguns. but it would be a mistake to think the nra's influence has waned. in the three weeks after the shooting in newtown, connecticut, they added more than 100,000 new members. diane? >> all right, thank you jonathan karl. and in those three weeks after newtown, now, another school shooting today, at a high school in california. police say a student with a shotgun wounded a 16-year-old he was targeting, then shot at but missed a second student he was targeting. somehow a teacher and supervisor talked him into putting the gun down. the student he shot is in critical but stable condition tonight. >>> and now, a warning for millions of people who take sleeping pills like ambien. today, the fda said there is evidence that these pills can stay in the body longer than
that i'm not sure it's only one side or the other. i think it's more egregious with the democrats because they've run up debts over a trillion dollars, and the smallest obama deficit is more than twice the largest bush deficit. so, these are historic, but look, this is the guy obama wants. i don't think you can get anybody really different in the treasury position, and i think in the end, he's going to be confirmed. >> sean: what do you think, standing back, big picture, because the president clearly wants a lot of fights. he's willing to fight on chuck hagel and here you have a guy, john brennan for the cia who said that jihad is a legitimate tenant of isl-- tenet of islam and he said that he's not going to allow the debt ceiling debate to be died to spending cuts which we desperately needs. he obviously -- he wants a fight. what do you make of the strategy that he's employed. >> i think what's happened to him is he feels that by winning a second term, with a slight addition of democrats in the house and the senate he now is, you know, king of the the world to quote an oscar winner of by
risks for the obama administration, for the democrats in this gunfight. >> there are a lot of political risks. if gun control was easy, they would have done it a while ago. the assault weapons ban has not been renewed for eight years, wolf. it's been sitting out there. and i think in my conversations with administration officials, what they are going to come up with and that sort of echos what jim was saying, they are going to come up with what someone describes to me as a menu of options. the menu of options will include a ban on assault weapons and also include closing the gun show loophole, limiting purchases of the high-capacity magazines. so they are going to put those options out there he a there is attention inside the democratic party. do you make a huge push on assault weapons and hurt yourself on the other list or do you kind of ease up on assault weapons and maybe go after the magazine clips, which some people believe would be more effective. don't forget, there's a lot of history here and joe biden was the person managing the 1994 crime bill, which included the ban on assaul
on twitter, quote, she introduced the first bill of the 113th congress to repeal obama care in its entirety. you might recall republicans have tried at least 33 times before this. those are efforts that have no chance of passing since the senate is controlled by the democrats, and the veto pen wielding president isn't likely to repeal his own health care bill. congresswoman bachmann is not alone picking up on old fights. in the first few days of the new congress, republicans have tried to re-engage in fights over anchor babies, defunding planned parenthood, and passing a personhood bill. in other words, here we go again. michael steele is the former chair of the republican national committee and an msnbc political analyst, and bob shrum is a democratic strategist. let's look at this one. here is michele bachmann, who might be fighting to repeat obama care, but john boehner concedes it's a losing battle. in an interview with abc after the election, the speaker said the election settled the issue of obama care. i thought it was a reasonable statement by the speaker. let's listen. >> i think t
't appeared that the obama administration or democrats really are acknowledging that so i've heard they're going to go right back to the well because they only got $600 billion in tax increases. they want, supposedly, $1.2 is the president coming down on his initial demand of $1.6 or whatever. so we need to -- we need to come back to the well on tax increases, and double down on what we already got. without -- and i'm not hearing anything about spending cuts. >> well, first, our problem is primarily a spending problem. >> you've heard what they said, though. >> what the truth is -- but the truth is we're going to have to have more revenues than this last deal. and by the way, the truth is also, you're not going to be able to confine it to people making over $200,000 and $250,000 a year. the numbers don't work. look, here's -- >> eamon just said -- >> why is that the case? you're saying it's a spending problem. and -- >> primarily a spending problem. here's what we need to do. look at all the deals that have been done. august, 2011. this fiscal cliff deal. whatever is done from this poin
themselves to the fact that they're going to be four more years to obama and they have a little less incentive to hang him for every misstep he has but democrats are incentives to watch him more carefully. one, payment, you know, a number of groups, unions for one, invested heavily in barack obama's re-election and i'm sure they want some roi now. two, accountability on the promises the president made in the first term, promises on gay marriage, promises on immigration, maybe promises on guns now. and third, this idea of a liberal legacy. think i that a number of folks on the left were willing to forego or ignore some of the issues in his first term that now they're looking at. the idea of drone strikes, shadow wars, extra judicial killing. i think all of that is going to come to the front a little bit more. and just this week alone we saw some pushback from the left on obama's lack of diversity in his cabinet appointments. krystal, you delivered a rant and scolded the president and rangel had this to say yesterday. >> it's embarrassing as hell. 'we have been through this with mitt r
it is in europe. obama would have been toast. he would have been crushed in the election. the democrats would have lost control of the senate and such. and these folks, even today, are climbing the failure to achieve the grand the trail -- the trail and safety net is the great disappointment. they not only tried to destroy themselves and the country, they are continuing to do that, indeed, but for harry reid, literally throwing the obama administration's suggestion that they do cuts to the safety net in the fireplace and burning it up, they would have gotten it as part of this interim austerity deal that was just done about eight days ago. >> we're going to take a break and come back to this discussion with william black, professor and matt taibbi, rolling stone editor. we will be back in a moment. ♪ [music break] >> this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. >> we turn to look at the state of wall street for years after the massive bailout and the news of this week's mortgage settlement with the major banks. matt taibbi has just wri
that will reflect the country just as they did in the first term. just as the democratic caucus in the congress does. when it's done, you'll see lots of women and min orts. it will reflect america and i just think it's a totally cheap shot at the obama world to criticize them for this. >> steve. >> what happens is, it happens with every president and every administration, republican or democrat, the other guys. sometimes your own people as mr. rangel did, counting too closely whether the numbers match up. in the end, you have to go for the best person for that job at the time the job is open. and generally speaking, because the talent on the united states is so large, it does tend to even itself out over time. >> it's so interesting that in addition to charlie rangel, that two women we had on yesterday took a different position than the two men we're having on today. we'll see how this goes moving forward. there's still positions that have to be filled. thanks, guys, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> also making news, new details about the secret service scandal. remember this one involving pr
, the strategist who lead barack obama's two successful presidential campaigns. for year he has got his scores of top democrats into office. also served as a senior advisor to the white house. now he says he left campaigning for ago dem ya, the first director of the university of chicago's institute of politics. i am pleased to have the david axelrod as we look forward to the presidency inraise. welcome. >> thank you, good to be here, charlie. >> when you go to this inauguration, what are you going to feel? >> well, you know, i guess i will feel a little of what i felt when i stood beside the stage in des moines when the president was making his last campaign speech this year, late at night on the eve of the election. i will be thinking about the journey that we've taken together. we, you know, i met barack obama 20 years ago. and we've been working together now for ten. and in a sense we came together at a time when we both were going through a kind of midlife professional crisis. he wondering whether he should continue in politics, me wondering whether i wanted to continue as a consultant be
position of treasury secretary. >> greta: president obama said that he had facilitated deals. he says that he has worked with republicans and democrats and president reagan and speaker o'neill and bill clinton and republican congress on the issue of a budget deal. i'm curious whether you agree he has brought two sides together and if so, where has that been at least in the last go-round, at least the last 18 months? >> well, this last fiscal cliff deal, he's chief of staff at the white house. he was involved in the negotiations. they went nowhere until senator mcconnell urged vice-president biden to get involved and that's when an agreement was reached. it wasn't jack lew that reached that agreement. he also, when he agreed to the budget spending reductions in front of the budget control act, 18 months ago, he proposed a budget, the next budget that they put forward wiped out 60% of those cuts, even though he'd agreed to them in august, in january he was proposing to giving, giving back 60% of them and spending more money. >> greta: i guess it's pretty clear-- >> and see the kind of--
father during the most recent presidential campaign came from the first lady during her democratic national convention speech. michelle obama described her disabled father rising every morning to head off to work. she recounted how she and her brothers fulfilled their father's dream by going to college, to which her father proudly helped to pay. you see, so the first lady, for my dad, that's what it meant to be a man. it won't happen, it surely won't happen, but it would be nice if president obama uses second inaugural address to refrain president kennedy's call to ask not what your country can do, not to a new age of public service, but to remind americans, strong individuals and families, are still the essential prerequisite for a successful america. now, i begin this afternoon by thanking various leaders and government agents for their help in changing welfare. before and i need to say that the biggest key to success at all is the recipients themselves. we in government, and press releases and promotional material like to say that we place people in jobs, or cut jobs for the num
artfully. president obama is not the first president to get in trouble on this issue. and certainly not the first democratic president. bill clinton got slammed a little bit for his lack of diversity and he struck back. >> people who were doing this talking or dialogue or talking about -- they would have been counting those positions against our administration, those bean counters who are doing that if i had appointed white men to those positions. you know that's true. >> bill: i did not have sex with that woman. miss lewinsky. >> you almost believe him. >> bill: so take that. he used to really get pissed. >> we haven't heard that clinton in a long time. he's fiery. >> bill: i remember it. >> bean counters. >> bill: his face would get all red. i was with him once at a little event when a guy walked up to him and raised an issue with him and pissed clinton off and he lit into him. >> oh, man. >> bill: there were three of us in the room. i just backed away. i got into the wallpaper on that one. does the president have a diversity problem and how can he fix it or are we being too hard
. 36 past the hour. martha: back to politics now. long-time democratic congressman charlie rangel is criticizing president obama for a lack of diversity in his cabinet nominations. here is charlie rangel's quote. it is embarrassing as hell. we were all this with mitt romney and we were very hard on mitt romney and binder of woman and things and i kind of think there is no excuse with a second term. that is what charlie rangel had to say yesterday afternoon. joined by juan williams, fox news political analyst and mary katharine ham, editor-at-large at and a fox news contributor. welcome to both of you. happy new year. haven't seen you since everybody got back. great to have you here. juan, what do you think of the comment by charlie rangel? >> i think he is on target. it is a lot of talk, not only interesting focused in terms of absence of women in the now famous picture from the oval office where obama is surrounded by senior staff and all male except for the leg, barely visible of valerie jarrett. you know, charlie rangel went on to saying i thought was really telling.
. on the democrats' line. caller: good morning. i think timothy geithner will have a good legacy. obama choosing him, it kind of save the country from disaster. i think he is going to have a pretty good legacy. i think also that mr. obama has not chosen any african americans for his cabinet. that is one of the things i wanted to say. host: from twitter -- bob is next from colorado on the republican line. caller: good morning. i wanted to encourage everybody to watch the interview on the new book. she takes to of the way down into the late 1980's and 1990's and how all of the banking and real-estate debacle happened. regarding the previous caller's comments about the revolving door, these guys are all of the same old. they are all in it together. these guys created this problem, and they are going around and around. the taxpayers are paying for it. i would encourage everybody to pay attention to it. host: the you have anything to add about mr. timothy geithner specifically? callerwe are asking about his tt the treasury department? do you have anything about his time serve that you went to credit or d
from deep blue to deep red. consider this, west virginia was reliably democratic in presidential elections voting for carter over reagan in 1980 and mike dukakis in '88. but since 2000 it's been solidly republican and president obama lost the state by 26 points. we'll be right back. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% (testosterone gel). the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy, increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in
alissa, when we talk about president obama and what he is facing in changing his team, when david gregory asked on "meet the press" about hagel, and i think we all expected that the number three democrat in the senate would say, okay, great choice. he said, well, not so much. we'll have to wait to see what happens at the hearing, or something like that. chuck todd and i were sitting at the table on "meet the press" and said whoa. >> we got a 33 second answer, which is never good because you want it to be yes if are you president obama. i'm with steve on this for this reason. i don't think if chuck schumer had no other political consideration to make, i don't think he would vote for chuck hagel. honestly. i think hagel's statements on israel and the jewish lobby don't do not sit well with chuck schumer. he is not the only one, but they don't sit well with chuck schumer. he understands the role and influence he has within the senate democratic caucus, and sort of what him saying no would mean. of course, politics doesn't exist in a vacuum. we all know that. i think chuck schumer's desire to
according to "the washington post," a record for lobbying efforts. nonetheless, president obama passed the health care overhaul and the wall street reform. another $33 million was spent on the 2010 mid terms as the chamber tried to take down congressional democrats. >> sestak voted for a government takeover of health care. he even voted with pelosi for massive new spending. >> unemployment. spending. dead. washington is broken. policies are making it worse. >> does anyone think alexi can create jobs? look at his record of economic failure. >> 28 years of barbara boxer and america is going broke. >> the results were largely successful for them. the chamber helped elect candidates like marco rubio and kelly in the senate. although big money efforts to unseat some senators, like barbara boxer and michael bennett did fall short. both sides sought to repair relations. tom donahue said he was willing to work, and the president extended an olive branch when he went to the chamber in february of 2011. >> maybe if we had had brought over a fruit cake when i first moved in, we would have gotten
. the second problem for president obama is that so far his chosen bantd doesn't include any sisters, nor does it include any racial diversity. even members of his own party are expressing dismay. new york democrat charlie rangel called the lack of women embarrassing as hell and yesterday chairwoman of the congressional black caucus, marcia fudge wrote a letter urging the president to nominate two members of the cbc. bill, you are a former diverse member of the president's -- >> still diverse. >> yes. you remain diverse, though not sequestered at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, for which we are thankful. i wonder what you make about this contention that he is being too insular, a, in terms of the possibility of group think, people that have been with him forever, and then, b, how much is the diversity problem for him? >> well, i'll start with b. you know, i think that what we're seeing here is more of an optics problem than it is a real problem because by the numbers half of the white house staff is women. straight 50%. some of the people the president depends on the most are women. valerie jarrett,
to the president's cabinet. president obama introduced white house chief of staff jack lew yesterday as his choice to be white house secretary treasurer. we heard from two democrats. charlie rangel and gene sheheen. >> it's embarrassing as hell, and i kind of think there's no excuse when it's a second term. >> he had places where he could appoint women, and i hope he'll take a look and do that. >> cbs news political director john dickerson is in washington. john, good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> all right. so is it all the president's men as they say for president obama? >> well, right now it looks like it. these last three appointments, all white males, and this criticism is, look, mr. president, you won your election based on the votes of women and minorities, so you should respect that in your naming of the cabinet picks. the white house pushes back and says he's only halfway through the process, don't judge him so quickly, yet the judge is being judged quickly on race and gender issues, it may be, in fact, because he taught people how do that. in his campaign there was not a race or ge
? >> oh, boy. did michelle obama wear that? >> reporter: yes! that's exactly right. this is the exact dress she wore when she gave her speech at the democratic convention. you can rent it for $75. and that is the beauty of rent the runway, which has a popup show room here at the living social building where we are live and where george worrel is joining us, celebrity stylist. when you have so many choices -- why was this a wonderful choice for the first lady? >> because it flowed, accentuated her shape. it made her look fabulous. was a beautiful color when she walked out, you were like, wow. make-up, her hair. her arms. >> reporter: i know. i feel like i should flex wearing this dress. >> you look beautiful. she's going to make her speech, but we were like, wow, how she looked. she was well groomed. >> reporter: everyone was wowed four years ago at the inauguration when michelle obama came out. we have pictures here of her and the president. why was this so wonderful for her and what do you think she needs to go for this time? >> well, it flowed nicely. it fitted well. was a beautiful
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 52 (some duplicates have been removed)